Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gold and cloth and green farming location

This was by far my best location located in icecrown on Onslaught Island you will be farming level 80 elites which drop Greens, Blues, Epics, high amounts of gold, Frostweave cloth mana/ heal potions and decent vendor trash. the mobs have about 30k hp which is nothing if your a decent gear level 80 or a tard geared 85. Its a good spot each time i have been here i have always been alone. this is a decent places for tailor and enchanter thats why my priest was here i also looted the epic go ape trinket from here which was pretty cool. Anyway here is the location. remember to enter the cave thats where all the elites are. if your decent geared/skills you will probably clear the cave before the respawn i just run outside kill the mobs there and reenter thats normaly enough time for respawn.