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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Algaefin Rockfish Farming

Want to farm up alot of algaefin rockfish then head over to twilight highlands the pools here are in numbers so you should spend about 30 minutes with little moving around. great place for leveling cooking and fishing and you also get alot of volatile water from fishing the area remember to use a lure at all times which will increase your chances of catching fish and not trash.
This is a GREAT!!! places for fish farming you will earn alot here.

Here is the spot 


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that there are NO algean fish pools here idiot. only ones i found were deepsea sage fish schools get ur facts straight b4 talking about something u obviously know nothing about

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that was something that changed after this was originally posted in 2011. There used to be pools of them in Twilight, but now they only occasionally spawn from the deepsea sage fish pools, and in the open waters. There really is no place entirely devoted to Algaen Rockfish that I've found anymore.