Friday, March 11, 2011

Farming Spots wow

It can be hard to find the perfect farming spot for items you use alot and once you find a spot you always try look for one better and never get anywhere your mind goes for a walk and before you know it your not even farming. here is my tip of grinding and farming

1) Don't sit at the computer grinding or farming for long periods of time you will lose interest.
2) Farm for about 30 -40 mins make it a little ingame hobby.
3) Have a chat with friends while you farm this can make it feel alot less boring
4) Improve your skills try new rotations different pulls. i do this with my priest try odds pulls and rotations now my dps is very high for a shadow priest.
5) Find the best drop rate for the items you are farming for. i know i would be pretty pissed if i was grinding for 40 mins and only got 8 volatile air when i could of got 16 from a place with a better drop rate.
6)If your going to be farming with alot of mobs in there area take a lower level the extra exp is always welcome. I do this alot which i have made many new friends from

So there it is now if you have some farming spots you would like to share with us then head over to the Share Your Farming Spots page and write a comment we will check it and write up about it if we like it.