Saturday, March 19, 2011

Farming Volatile Earth in Mount Hyjal

Here is a little location to farm Volatile earth in mount hyjal if you don't have the profession Mining then this might be a place for you to farm for some Volatile Earth the great thing about this area is that you will be farming right next to the Mount Hyjal quartermaster so sell your trash and getting repairs as very little down time and leaves you to do more farming.

This is what i do i use my Hearthstone to set it to a cool down take a portal to Mount Hyjal and begin farming for volatile earth leaving your hearthstone on cool down will increase your time farming here as mount Hyjal as no portal back to the major city's unlike most of the other locations.

When farming for Volatile earth you will be Killing the elemental called Scoldering Rock Elemental
Which to all classes will be a walk in the park as they only have about about 31k health pool and hit very weak.

The mobs respawn very quick and a lot of the time you find yourself taking of 5-6 mobs at once which should not be a problem.

Also remember to bring a Potion of Treasure Finding for when you start to farm and increase your chances to find Higher spec items to sell and make a little more gold than normal.

If you have the profession mining i recommend you skip farming here and go mining in uldum.