Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lavascale Catfish Farming

Farming for this fish can be a drag to be honest. What alot of people dont know is you need to fish in open water to catch this fish uldum is your best bet. so head over to uldum and skip fishing in the fish schools 90% of the fish schools in uldum are blackbelly mudfish which are useful and sell pretty well. but we want Lavascale Catfish which sell for a bomb and make all the good recipes in cooking.
Remember to always use a lure when fishing it increases your chance to catch fish and not trash.

Also if you are farming fish in uldum then you have a chance to catch other useful fish like Deepsea Sagefish,and Fathom Eel. all sell very well you should also pick up a few volatile waters on your fishing journey which are always welcome.

Lavascale Catfish can be used to make

Lavascale fillet, which needs a cooking skills of 450.
Lacascale Minestone, which needs a cooking skill of 500.
Seafood Magnifique Feast, which needs a cooking skills of 525