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Friday, March 11, 2011

Level and farming faster than ever

This is my trick to level and farm at the same time its great because as you earn gold your getting more powerful as you higher your levels.

So first if you want to level as fast as possible then make a new Character a tank works best for this because the dungeon queues are instant so no waiting around to get into dungeons. a healer also works good too, little longer if you play at off peak hours and dps are very slow at entering dungeons.

so now you have your new character

A paladin or Druid are great for this because when you get that dungeon group that just does nothing right you can self heal. My personal character i did this with was a paladin and he is now my main tank level 85 and it took me 6 days from 1-80 and from 80-85 i was learning the new content and farming a little with him.

Now go the auction house and buy 4 netherweave bags or frostweave bags or get a friend to make them i make all mine myself and some for friend to.

now quest from level 0-10 once you hit level 10 head to a major city which as a auction house and a class trainer "stormwind is my personal choice".

Empty any trash from your bags and visit the trainer now queue for a random dungeon. once inside the instance apply any buffs you have and tank away if you have a good group make some big pulls just keep them off the healer and dps. let them guys know you going to be doing big pulls.

Once you have made the pull loot up everything you can from the mobs. remember the loot gets better the higher level you are so the more dungeons you enter and complete the more exp and gold you will earn.

when a dungeon is completed requeue and complete more instances you will gain many levels in so little time doing this when your bags are full teleport out of the instance and vendor any gray items and auction any white items and greens blues etc etc.

Remeber every time you gain a level you do not need to visit the trainer it's a waste of time and you could be powerleveling your character up the levels in the smallest time possible. rinse and repeat this until you reach level 60.

From level 6o i personaly do pvp because i dont like Outlands but dungeoning in outlands is faster than questing and you find some great drops. so spam your way from 60-70

Once you hit Level 68 Northrend here we come!! make sure you have a flying mount questing from 70-80 is faster unless your getting a boost and taking the loot. here is where you end up with alot of gold flowing into your bag and items that start to sell for a decent price. do your Daily dungeon quest and queue for any dungeon quests you keep up. the dungeon quests have great items and decent gold.

Once you hit level 80 your almost done grind it out it will be painful. quest your way to level 85 and do your daily dungeon and dungeon quests.

this is by far the fastest way i have leveled a character. I have 3 new characters at the moment a Hunter, Warrior tank and a Druid healer. they are all between 48-54 all got looms doing really well any questions i will be glad to answer