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Friday, March 18, 2011

Saronite farming route

Here is a route in icecrown we put together for you guys to farm the most possable Saronite in one clean swipe. we will be heading over to Icecrown for this route where it spawns the most also remember to fly on top of the mountains as it spawns there along with Titanium.
Feel free to mix it up a bit

You will need a Mining skill or 400 to be able to loot this ore.

saronite ore also spawns in other places 2 of the other major locations bein gThe  Storm Peaks and Sholazar Basin but we found icecrown to be the most rewarding and less time consuming. You also have a chance to loot Gems from farming this. If it's the gems your after then to Propect the ore and you will recieve a various number of gems.