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Saturday, March 12, 2011

silk cloth wow

The best place to farm silk cloth as got to be scarlet monstery cath. if your a high level then this instance is awesome for you to farm that silk cloth.

All you do is enter the dungeon

Run to the last boss WITHOUT aggro from the mobs nuke him down and then wait for the queen to come running out of the doors and attack her until see sends you to sleep once your awake run back to the start of the instance the king and queen will aggro all the mobs on the way back. once you enter the long hall at the start of the instance hide around a corner so all the ranged attacks will come into melee range then just nuke them all down and thats it loot up all the silk, gold and items you want rinse and repeat until your happy. this is also a good way to boost a low level character i take a few friends here myself.
if your friend is on triple exp from refer a friend you will recieve a level everytime you do this pull.
The pull takes no more than 5 minutes and so easy to powerlevel thru the levels.