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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ally Leveling Guide

Welcome to Tom's Farming Spots ally leveling guide and in the post we are going to be taking a look into leveling your alliance character as fast and possible earning gold, items and experience along the way.
This is my own personal Technique for leveling a new character from level 1 to 85 in the shortest time possible.

For this to work as fast as possible i recommend choosing a class that can tank and use tanking as your main spec during your leveling process because when you use the dungeon finder tool you will join a dungeon group almost instantly as a tank.
A paladin is a great choice for this because you can self heal when you need it and also chance to any of the DPS Healer Specs when you reach level 85.
Also a healer is a good character to start with because they also don't wait around waiting for a dungeon that long but they do wait a fair bit longer than tanks.

A dps class is not recommended if it is a dps you want then level a character that can tank and off spec DPS such as a warrior.

Also there are a couple of addons that will decrease your down time such as VendorTrash
this addon is a simple addon that throws away trash items you loot along the way. I like to use this addon because i always have auto loot feature enabled.

Ally Leveling Guide 1-15

As with all starting areas for any character the chain quests at the start you can't skip so you will need to do the basic quests as fast as possible. The fastest way to do this is to take all quest that are available at the time and head out to do them all at once then head back to hand them in once all completed. This will increase your leveling speed and save you running back to the quest giver every time you complete a quest.
Also when you Ding!! to the next level don't be running back to the class trainer every time you should visit him on your route back to hand in quests, it all adds up to more down time in gaining exp.
Carry on questing until you reach level 15 then your ready to begin the the super fast leveling so drop all the quests you have in your quest log visit the trainer empty your bags and go to a major city where everything you need is in a small area auction house, vendors and trainers.
Buy bags with a good amount of slots so you don't need to visit the vendor every time you get more than 5 items in your bag the big your bags the better.

Ally Leveling Guide 15-60

Now that you have empty bags stand outside a vendor or near your class trainer to save running around when you leave a dungeon. Go to the find a dungeon group tool and select queue for dungeon as a tank/healer. if you have experience with tanking dungeons then start pulling get a hang of what you are doing first before you start pulling huge groups of mobs at the same time.
Remember to keep the mobs on you at all times if your healer gets killed then you have had it. Rinse and repeat this until you reach level 60 be sure to loot any thing as it sells and makes you rich always use auto loot. As a tank be sure to roll need on items with a lot of stamina because this will keep you alive longer and keep your healer at ease.
a lot of the time when doing this you find more players doing the same tactic to make friends with them and ask them if you want to do more dungeons with you.

Ally Leveling Guide 60-70

There are two different ways i level from 60 to 70 the first being more dungeons the outland dungeons are very good for leveling and if your getting boosted by a level 85 you can enter at a level of 57 into the rampart instance. But using the dungeon finder tool again to gain more exp the items in the outland instance are a lot more targeted to a certain class and offer more tanking gear and healing gear. The second way being pvp this is just as fast as leveling instance if not faster but the down side is that you can always win the pvp round and you don't get much useful gear for pve and little if any gold.

Ally Leveling Guide 70-80

Once you hit level 70 then over to Northrend we go taking the boat from stormwind to Borean Thundra. Here is where the questing begins and the gold rolls in you will start questing here and then make your way to Dragonblight then to Grizzly Hills and then Zul,Drak the four locations have more than enough quests to get you from level 70 to 80 with a great amount of gold. remember to do your daily dungeon as you get a lot more experience and good items.

Ally Leveling Guide 80-85

From level 80 to 85 we will be starting in Mount Hyjal, with the massive chain quest once you complete that you should be leaving Mount Hyjal at level 82 and half. Then head over to Deepholme for another massive chain quest and good exp from quests you should leave deepholm at level 84 and then its off to Uldum for the chain quests and great story line to finish off your powerleveling.
Remember to use the daily dungeon bonus exp which will increase your powerleveling speed.

At the end of all this powerlevelingchracter to do what you like with. this is the fastest method i have seen for powerleveling a character from 1 to 85.
If your looking for a more detailed guide to level with then i recommend the Zygor Guide its packed with great information for leveling and grinding exp.