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Friday, May 20, 2011

WoW Farming Speeding up Your Down Time

Making gold in world of warcraft is easy for everyone but more often than not a lot of people spend to much time trying to find even better spots to make that little extra gold a bit faster than normal and most of the time they end up spending to much time trying to find that one awesome spot that they forget to actually get down to business and grind to earn that gold.

One little thing i do is i queue for a dungeon and visit Twilight Highlands and fish up the volatile fire which always make me a nice amount of gold very quickly by the time i have fished up the fire pools the dungeon finder tool as found me a group then i farm the dungeon remember to loot everything you find it all sells and make you richer if you are sick of visiting the vendor every time to throw away your trash you can get a addon that does it all for you called VendorTrash.

What It Does

Highlights the items in your inventory that you'll probably want to sell to a vendor. The 'cheapest' item is highlighted in orange, so you can easily decide what to throw away if your bags get too full.
It also adds a recycle icon to merchant windows, allowing you to sell all highlighted items with a single click.
And, as a bonus, it highlights the quest reward that can be sold to a vendor for the most money.

How It Does That

If you sell an item with a character, the item is learned to be trash for that character. If you buyback a sold item item, or drop an item on the 'recycle' button, the item is assumed not to be trash for that character.
If no preference is known for your current character, your other characters are considered. An item is considered trash if more of your other characters consider it trash than not.
If no preference can be determined, then by default, items with gray names are considered trash. Soul-bound items are also considered trash if their tool tips contain red text, which implies your character can't use it.

This is a very useful addon for a grinder or farming you will be in and out in no time with clean fresh bags and items you don't want to sell still safe in your bag for selling on the auction house or using as your see fit for your journey.