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Monday, May 09, 2011

WoW Hunter Professions Most Rewarding

This certainly depends on what you want to be doing with your Hunter if you would like to make new items for yourself then skinning and leatherwork would be the best route to take.
As you level up your character you will be able to skin animals for The best leather and with the leather you skin you can make newer and better items for yourself.

While leveling Leatherworks you will need to make a lot of items you don't need use or want.
Just sell them to a vendor or if they sell good on the auction house then list them there you could get a enchanter to disenchant the items for you and sell the materials.
If you want to be a farming hunter then I would take a Herbalism and Enchanting. Enchanting is a big gold maker in cata every time you get a Green, Blue or Epic item you just disenchant and sell for some good gold.
Enchanting materials are free to list on the auction house so more profit for you. Herbalish is a crazy money maker as you are leveling and always will be. and when your skill is maxed out you can farm for the new cata herbs which make the raid potions which sell like hot cakes.

When the weekly raid Come out. Also Alchemy and herbalism is a very popular choice making potions that can make you invisible or breath under water. Alchemy is for buffing yourself and making some gold along the way a lot of raiders that jump into raids in the trade chat need to take there own potions for buffs to do extra damage etc etc.
So making potions for yourself and to sell can be very rewarding also potions sell very well on the auction house.

Which ever Profession you take you can use a profession guide to level your professions fast and using less gold will always be a safe bet check out the Profession Guide section If your looking for the best places to farm for your items you need to level your professions then Tom's Farming Spots cover all the topics of farming locations.
As a hunter you will also need to level your secondary skills at the same time you level your character because a hunter is a pure 100% damage class you will have no healing abilities so leveling First aid is a must.
Also leveling cooking is a must because your pets get Sad when they are hungry and do less damage overall so keep your pet happy. I would also recommend you level Fishing if you use a cat as a pet. which will feed them and earn some extra gold in the auction house.