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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being More Sociable In The 21st Century Gaming World

By Richard Hollins

The world has changed drastically over the last ten years and it is so different now to ten years ago in terms of kids growing up; we must wonder if this change has been good or bad. Now we have the computer game and FaceBook generation where kids are still playing with their friends when they come home from school, but instead of going around their house and knocking on the door they are sending them messages through Twitter, FaceBook and of course linking up with them through games consoles.

We don't really know what problems it may cause if our child just sits on his or her games console playing something like Call of Duty for hours at a time. This is a disturbing game that encourages our kids to kill people all night long.

With games like this, it is hard to see how our children's social skills will be developed but at least we know they can interact with their friends through their headsets.

One thing we do know however, is that these console and computer games have changed the health of our kids with a definite drop in the number of kids playing real sports. Now if kids ask each other to play football after school it often means an online game of FIFA or Pro Evolution which is a slight improvement in the killing involved in first person shooters.

These days most games will have a PEGI rating similar to what you would see on a movie rating. The problem you have is that despite a game being clearly labelled as rated for an 18 year old it's the hard to be left out if you are younger than 18.

Most parents will take it for granted that their kids have to have the next in game or accessory.

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