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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Best Way To Remove DRM from Rhapsody and Napster

By David Greenwine

This is [link:how to remove DRM and convert protected wma to mp3

A lot of people get an error code preventing them from moving protected wma to files to their itunes or windows media player. All the files you download from music services websites like Rhapsody and Napster embed all their files with DRM which is a form of copy protection to keep downloaders from sharing files. It is this DRM that is keeping your from adding your downloads to your music management software although you can choose to pay a lot more money so that you can download the protected wma files in another format that isn't protected.

This can be most annoying because as part of your monthly subscription you have legally downloaded the file so you might thing you should more privileges. Unfortunately this is not the case and there isn't too much you can do. Every time someone comes up with some sort of crack to get around the copy protection, the companies just update their technology to make the hack or crack useless.

However, there is software that is available that can actually work around this, but it does only work when you have legal access to the downloads. Meaning as long as you have a valid subscription at the time you use the software to remove the drm then the software will work. The good thing is that is converts the protected wma to mp3 and the files are yours to keep. This means if you ever decided to stop paying for Rhapsody or Napster then you are able to keep all the mp3s that you converted.

If you are wondering if this kind of software can possibly work on the protected files you have, you can download a demo copy from several different websites like They have some videos you can watch that will show you how to set it up and get it working quickly. This way you can try it for free on your protected wma files and make sure it works that way you want without having to worry about paying any money.

You might run into trouble using the software if you let your subscription to either Rhapsody or Napster Expire. This is because there is some keys that are put on your system so that your computer will play the songs. Once your subscription expires those keys will not work anymore and the software needs those keys to unlock the tracks so that the software can convert the files while they are unlocked. Once you do convert the music over to mp3, you can keep those mp3s once your subscription expires but you must do the converting while it's still valid.

For the same reason you cannot remove drm from the files if they are still on your computer and you have already stopped paying for the subscription. You might need to renew it for at least one more month so that you can convert them all to mp3 so you can get access back to them.

The software is not to be used for piracy but to make legal backups of the files you have downloaded as part of your monthly subscription fee. Another note is that the software always stays up to date in real time with all the newest technologies so you can always count on it to work.

To be sure that it works on your computer and the kind of protected files you have, you might download the demo version first since it costs nothing. It works on just about every type of protected file out there but it only works on windows. Keep in mind the demo version only converts part of the file just so you know it works, you will have to get the full version for it to convert the whole files. Also the software is able to convert hundreds and hundreds of files at a time.

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drm remover said...

nice stuff you guys have here.. Thank you for the guide

Anonymous said...

Useful to have one of these programs, especially now that Napster was bought by Rhapsody.

There's also Audials Tunebite that's pretty fit for the job:

Tunebite worked great to convert Napster protected music so it can also be used successfully to record and save music from Rhapsody subscription for playback on any devices.