Can You Copy PS3 games? Find Out if PS3 Games Can Be Copied

By Edward Stephens

Every gamer in the world knows that getting to copy PS3 games is the most difficult task. Most of them have tried but the effort is all in vain. It is not possible to copy these games successfully. The question here then is can you copy PS3 games?

As we have seen or heard, good PS3 games are known to be the hardest games to copy as most of the games are over 10 gigabytes in size and they are stored in very complicated discs. These games cannot be copied on normal CDs and DVD's. They only use the Blu-Ray discs and that is a major reason as to why PS3 games cannot be easily copied. These discs also have advanced encryption techniques and Sony has tried to prevent piracy of its games by implementing its own unique encryption algorithm. This encryption is kept under very high security. No one can easily get it. There is no software engineer who has been able to get that special encryption. The machine is also designed in a way that it cannot play copied PS3 games.

In the mission of trying to solve the problem of how to copy PS3 games, there are various sites that claim to have the software that can help in copying PS3 games. They appear to be the game copy pro by claiming to have functioning PS3 game copying software. These websites are selling the software for very high prices to people who are desperate to copy their PS3 games. The sad thing is that after these people buy this software, they try them out but they do not work. If by any luck they are successful in copying the game into the disc, the game does not play. It is not wise to buy software from online companies that claim to have software that can copy their PS3 games. This is all a scam out to get your money. Watch out for the conmen.

There is also a device that is in the form of a USB stick that hackers are using to transfer the PS3 games into their hard drives. This method is very successful if you want to copy their PS3 games to hard drive. This is a form of piracy that shocked Sony. People cannot copy their games to CD's so they invented other methods of stealing the games. Another method that the geniuses use when they want to transfer PS3 games to external hard drive is by opening the Ps3 hardware and installing a mode chip. This is a method that has to be done very carefully because tampering with the hardware could result to losing your warranty.

The only successful method of creating backup for your PS3 games is the one involving the device that is in the form of a USB stick. This way of pirating PS3 games was recently found out by Sony and they are trying to block it completely. Getting to back up your PS3 games is never going to be an easy task. Sony will always make this difficult for gamers.

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