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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't Use WoW Farming Bots

Farming bots WILL get you banned yes some are undectable but you know what they are at some point in the near future going to be detected by blizzard and you will get your account banned.
Believe me it's not nice when your account as gone all because you wanted to make fishing automated

now i used a guide called zygor guides you should to.

plus even when you download a wow farming bot 90% of the time its got a keylogger placed inside the files.
A keylogger is able to copy the information you type in to your keyboard and able to detect where you click your mouse on the screen.
So when you boot up world of warcraft the keylogger will automaticly send your email used for world of warcraft and you password.
so before you get your account  banned byblizzard your more likely to get it hacked by the creator of the wow farming bot.