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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Empires & Allies, The Modern Addition From Zynga

By Genna Lasko

Welcome back to the world of Zynga where farms flourish, the frontier is dangerous, and city limits are endless. As you work your way through baking cakes and dinners to traveling to neighbor's homesteads, stop by and check out the newest of the Zynga family: Empires & Allies. Found on the one and only Facebook, this game has introduced a new world to Zynga fans everywhere.

Facebook is launching many new game platforms. This member has recently incorporated the ideas of other games, yet bring a fresh new look to a different world. Your territory becomes unfriendly soil where your neighbors can either visit and help, or just as equally bomb the living daylights out of your properties.

Launch your way through many missions and goals to earn reputations and coins. Level ups do not come easy with this game as they have in the past platforms, so it is important to make sure you pay close mind to the different missions it will take to get you where you need to go.

As you deploy your cadets, heavy artillery, and carrier ships, remember to cover the entire parts of your islands. Defending your territory is as equally as important as attacking the enemy, Captain Krunsch. Your honor builds with every neighbor you visit, as well as you infamy with every attack on neighbors.

There are many things that you will need to have on hand to build your buildings, artillery and fire power. Besides coins, Zynga has enlisted the finest in ore, lumber and oil products to help with the construction of many different items on the island. Government buildings will be necessary to increase population levels, and homes can be collected on to up the coin count.

Facebook and Zynga Incorporated have teamed up together to provide the best in help forums, question and answer services, and friendly add ons. Become a member to find new neighbors, ask questions, and receive help if you are stuck within the game and cannot figure out which way to turn.

As you start off with the game, Zynga has enlisted the traditional tutorial session to get you through the series. Level up, build farms, raise flags, and defend what should be rightfully yours. Gain the spoils of victory with every island you capture. Pay close attention to which of your artillery sections will knock out the enemy. Choosing the wrong one can be dreadfully painful in losses rather than high scoring victories.

Energy bars in this game are the same as all the others. Without energy, you cannot perform actions on your island. This helps to steer all gamers to where they can equally take part in the game rather than some getting so far ahead they cannot be caught by others. Zynga wants to make sure that all players are treated fairly throughout their time on the different platforms.

Join the already thousands who are playing Empires & Allies today. Neighbors are waiting for you to join the groups that play for real. It is up to you to decide who your friends truly are, or in other cases, your immediate foe. Find out today on Zynga's newest game on Facebook.

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