EMR Software Evaluation

By Dmitry Vasenyov

You need to know that EMR is not a new technology. In fact, it has been around on the market for some years. EMR software is used in medical practice to help keep records as well as organize the operations of the practice. But for several reasons there are that have to capitalize on this technology.

Below there are some benefits of EMR software for a medical practice:

- Email management

- In-office instant messaging

- Lab management

- Problem list

- Appointments and reminders

- Clinical reports

- Prescription management

- Database search

But, you need to remember that this list is not full. As you can see, the majority of mentioned features are helpful for managing the operations of the practice. EMR software will record every detail as well as every task. To say the truth, it is quite difficult to imagine a practice that does not have a proper system to help manage the work flow and processes as the growth continues.

Without EMR software, some great problems will start to arise. First of all, searching through the records becomes challenging as well as communications between becomes quite harder, especially when the physical office space starts to grow.

It is understandable that more work means more people are needed to share the workload. However, employing more staff is not able to solve all the problems. Then the practice will have to deal with staff turnover. You certainly do not want to lose quality staff since you do not have the needed system in place to help make their work easier.

An EMR software that you are evaluating has to be easy to use. This means that anyone even those without a technical education, has to be able to learn how to use the software without any great issues. Proper training has to be provided in order to make a smooth transaction from manual to automation.

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