Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looking Into Taking A Computer Training Class

By Henry Albertson

Are you looking into taking a computer training class to learn about some aspect of computers? Well, there are a variety of computer training classes available these days, so finding the right class for your level of experience is very important. Most people who are simply looking into taking a class to better their personal knowledge of computers or perhaps looking for better skills to develop their career can be well suited through the courses offered at local junior colleges in their area. In this article we will examine what types of computer training classes are usually available for the various levels of computer initiate.

If you happen to be a complete novice, a basic course in computing is highly recommended. In this computer training class you will learn how a computer works, the history of computing, computer configurations, etc. A basic class is just what it says - the basics. From keyboarding, using the mouse, different types of computers, operating systems, etc., it is the beginner's place to start when learning about computers and computing. Some basic computer training classes also offer information on the basics of networking, from network printing using the LAN or local area network, to the use of a WAN or wide area network, such as the Internet. If you have the option to take such a class and you are a novice to computers, this is highly recommended. The information can be invaluable in everyday troubleshooting situations when you are looking to save the high dollar service fees of on-site technicians.

There are also a variety of computer training classes that are available aimed at the intermediate computer user,. On subject ranging from the internal workings of the computer and upgrading various components to building a system from scratch, there is a lot to learn at this level. Perhaps you know about the internal workings of a computer, but don't know much about how software works and runs.

Once you get past the intermediate stage you can also take a computer training class covering the basics of programming. While there are a variety of languages available today to program in, it is highly recommended that you learn C# (pronounced C sharp). It is on the cutting edge of programming and is a new object oriented language developed by Microsoft based on the older C and C+ programming languages. Perhaps you are more of a rogue, however, and are more interested in going against the flow of 'big brother' and 'big business'. Another highly recommended computer training class would be in the programming language of PERL (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language). This language is used to create CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs that are in high demand and use on the web today.

Advanced users can always find something worth learning in a computer training class. Maybe you are very experienced in programming, hardware configuration, operating systems, upgrades, troubleshooting, etc. Depending on your level of expertise, you might consider taking a course of action to get your certification in a various field of computer knowledge. Not only will this improve your resume and look good as far as expanding your career horizons, you will gain a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete the computer training class needed for certification.

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