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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Practical City Ville Tips For Beginners

By Carla Rigs

Facebook has become indispensable for the modern society. Evidently its versatility has allowed many to connect with long lost friends, find new love and get away from their busy schedules. This interface is interesting and fun having the capacity to connect individuals in a real-time basis and host various entertaining and educational interactive games. One good example of these games is City ville. The purpose of this game is to build a metropolis out of raw land. Leveling up can be frustrating without a few City Ville tips.

Engaging in this game would require one to have tons of neighbors. Obviously you can easily complete tasks and level up when someone is willing to support your goals. Invite friends to join the caravan or simply visit the fan page to see who is looking for additional neighbors. Add them as friends and enjoy exchanging gifts with them. You might want to give them a mystery gift or share some goods or coins every now and then to gain their support.

Visit your city every day to complete tasks faster. It is evident that those who are diligent enough to make stops during lunch break easily reach level 80. They are able to keep track of their progress and avoid stocks from getting spoiled. They also attract interest from other players helping you gain requests for franchise.

Constantly visit your neighbors. Give them a hand with their tasks. Constantly check for requests and invites. This is a give and take game. The more you give the more possibilities that you receive more gifts and hire more friends to upgrade some community buildings.

Have a definite course of action. Plant crops only if you have the time to visit it. Send out your ships and trains to get supplies. Without enough goods, businesses could not raise the desired funds to add improvements on your town.

Stocks play an important role in supplying your businesses. Harvest crops. Send out your train. Set your ships to sail. Establish a factory and set a schedule for production. These will help you increase tasks increase your stocks supplying the businesses allowing you to earn more coins for improvements and expansion.

Cheats and guides are optional. You can either ask experts for strategies or use cheats to automate your progress. If you intend to use this you must still monitor your progress. Cheats are only intended for those who want to hasten their progress. However if you have time it would be better to create from scratch. Literally this is more than a game. It practically teaches you the discipline of life. You must be responsible, determined and motivated to attain a goal.

These City Ville tips are just basics. You can still modify it when needed. You do have an option of fusing it with other strategies. Play the game and learn more about it.

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