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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Warcraft Leveling Guides

can certainly help you dash throughout the gameplay faster. Given that World of warcraft is definitely the greatest MMO on the planet, it’s possible to play for months and months yet still not really be midway through! For many occasional gamers, this actually is not a huge problem. For those who want to level up quickly in order to be an elite player, a good guide is essential.
In addition to a good World of Warcraft leveling guide, there are a few tips that all new players should know:
Pick up all the quests you come across. Fill your log up so that you can complete three or four quests in one run. Keep in mind, though, that it’s okay if you don’t complete every single quest. You probably won’t be able to, so just go through your quest log every time you level up and abandon the white/grey quests.
Install a good tracking add-on so you won’t get lost. You can download them for free, along with coordinate add-ons. These are legal, so you won’t get into any trouble with using them—unlike hacks or bots.
Only grind when you have to. if you find yourself getting bored in the middle of it, listen to music or watch TV while mindlessly killing enemies. If you find yourself nodding off to sleep when grinding (hey, it happens!), you know it’s time to take a break from WoW.
ALWAYS run into a city or an inn before logging out. That way, your character can “rest”, and you will receive double the XP next time you log on to play. The amount of time in which you can receive XP depends on how long you were logged out for.
Instances can be a great way to level up during early stages of the game. Have a level 50+ run you through instances and dungeons. This is a great way to make friends in World of Warcraft, and you may even receive a guild invite!

Do you need to make 5000+ WoW gold in just one week? Do you wish to power level up your character to 80 in 10 days? You can do so effortlessly by acquiring one of the World of Warcraft Leveling Guides! No matter what class or race your characters are, you can turn yourself into an elite WoW player and prevail over all others with a Top World of Warcraft Guide!