Words With Friends Against Hanging With Friends

By John Morrison

There has been a new spark on the web of zynga! Immediately after actively playing words with friends for hours and hours on our favorite handheld units, we are suddenly struck with a new brain tough game called Hanging With Friends. The question is, can it contend against the hit, Words With Friends?

Lets look at the facts here first. Words with friends premiered on July of 2009 along with fantastic popularity. The video game is undoubtedly played on a board which is simply just like scrabble. A lot of people play the game by cheating and utilizing the words with friends finder, or possibly additionally a words with friends helper to find an benefit on his or her players in the game.

By using a word finder they are able to in fact type in the letters they've got on the application and the finder will certainly straighten out the words from greatest point value to minimum. What ever your thoughts and opinions might be on this issue you must be conscious of individuals are always using this to be able to cheat, so be advised.

Now we can review the important points of the games follow up, hanging with friends. This game was released inside June of 2011, almost exactly a couple of years following words with friends was released. In this follow up game it's based on hang man, but with a twist. People get letters similar to in the initial game and they have to produce a word out of exactly what letters they're given.

Gamers additionally receive three life lines to help them play. In this game there are also other ways to win as well. Including there exists a hanging with friends cheat where you can make use of the similar generator that individuals make use of for words with friends. There are many hanging with friends tips and tricks available on the web, therefore maintain looking at new alternatives on how to win more frequently in the game.

Once viewing both of the video games we are able to view they are pretty differently played but with identical thoughts behind them. We all advise playing both of these and seeing exactly what your own viewpoint can be on the games. Keep in mind there's always absolutely free and paid versions of the games. In the event you get a zero cost version there are a variety of ads, but hey it really is no cost.

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