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Monday, June 13, 2011

WoW Farming

Finding to perfect place in world of warcraft to do your daily/weekly wow farming can be a bit of a struggle many wow farmers just farm gold to get rich within the online game. other farm for items to use along side there professions and create new and exciting gear for themselves.

What ever you choose as you are farming you should know one thing about world of warcraft. That it is only a game and addiction may happen. i know because i used to play wow non stop day after day the only way i got out of my addiction is to start up this wow farming blog about world of warcraft.
I know you could say that is a greater addiction but not in my eyes. Writing a blog about something you love to do is how a great blog starts out.
And maybe with a little pushing myself here and there this blog can become a great resource for wow farmers around the world.

I want to make this blog a community where wow players come to look for farming locations for any item,
I want to let world of warcraft players post the blog about locations they have found and want to share.
I want this blog to be so great that when you think of a items you want to farm and don't know the best locations for it Tom's WoW Farming is the blog you think about and go visit to help your wow farming.

If you would like to post on the blog then please visit my Guest Post page  and send me a email or maybe you want to write to this blog on a daily basis and can add your email to the blogging admins panel and you can post at your own free will to the blog and help people that play world of warcraft.

Stay up to date with the latest farming locations get them emailed to you!!


Maldy said...

Yes, I also know a lot of people that start playing and get addicted really quickly. Learn to hold your time in game, and you will get the best of it!

Striptill said...

I think you are discussing on wow farming as an online game.

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