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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Best Place To Farming Pyrite Ore

Stock That Pyrite
Pyrite is the new Metal you must have in cataclysm it has very low spawn rate and doesn't spawn in groups to farm this item Take a look below at some of the locations we have for you guys.
You will need a Mining skill of 525 and a bucket full of patience.
When Mining you have a chance to loot Volatile Fire, Volatile Air, Alicite, Carnelian, Hessonite, Jasper, Nightstone and Zephyrite

Pyrite Twilight Highlands
Here is the route for Twilight Highlands the blue Area on the picture is where i have been most successful farming this metal.
This route we found to be the most rewarding a long the blue areas.
As we know Pyrite spawns within Elementium Farming routes so this is a great place for farming Pyrite or.
You shouldn't run into any trouble a long this route.

Pyrite Uldum

This is the main Elementium route for uldum and as a high spawn rate for Pyrite ore.
when farming this route we found it a not as good as the Twilight highlands.
This route maybe better for you if you play on a busy server as this route is farmed a lot less than Twilight Highlands and you may find a lot of Elementium Spawns close together here if your interested in looting Elementium along the way.
Then this is the route for you.