Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twilight Highlands Rare Mobs

So in this post I'm going to be talking about farming rare mobs. If you keep Notes of the spawn times and the last time you encountered a rare mob you can begin farming rare mobs and earn big amount of gold from 1 fight.
I have done it myself at a punch up with a Rare mob and he dropped me a Item or two that sold for 1500g-2000g all from 5 minutes work and a simple pen and paper.
You will also come up against other players trying to farm the mobs don't worry it's all part of the game just update your notes and come back on the next respawn.
 Chances are  they don't know the spawns times and if they do they will forget about it the next time the rare is due to respawn.
There are other 500 Rare Mobs in World of Warcraft you can implement this system onto all of them if you like.
Yes i can hear you saying "Ooh no the spawn rate is terrible" Suck it up sister. OK so I'm going to be taking a look at the Rare Mobs in Twilight Highlands.

  • Julak-Doom
  • Karoma
  • Overlord Sunderfury
  • Sambas
  • Tarvus the Vile
Julak-Doom is the big ugly guy with a melon on his head you can't miss him.
He has some nice EPIC loot and nice Recipes if your lucky enough to spank him.
This loot is very nice if you wear cloth and heal "YAY!! THAT'S ME"
How to beat him
1) Tank facing away from Group
2) DPS Behind him Move out of Dark Clouds "Really Hurts"
3) Crowd Control the Mind Controlled

OK Now you know how to beat him and the kind of drops he as " Where Do We Find Him"

Karoma is a Spirit Wolf  and is tamable so this one is mainly for the Hunters. Only tamable by having the the 31 point Beast Mastery talent
he Drops Crystalline Tear of Loyalty "JUNK" Which sells for 25g.
Health: 116,235

You can Find him here
He only Spawns in 5 Small areas.

Overlord Sunderfury
Overlord Sunderfury is the big floating guy that looks really cool.
He as Health: 154,980 Mana: 8,908 only drops one items and they are Rare Healing Panties.
If you do Manage to find this guy you should have no trouble in a 1vs1 as a level 80. he only spawns in one spot.

Sambas hot for hunters tamable Lion Very nice pet to have.
He doesn't drop anything worth getting excited about only Drops Crystalline Tear of Loyalty "JUNK" Which sells for 25g.
Health: 116,235.
Here is where to find him

 Here spawns in 5 different locations

Tarvus the Vile
Tarvus the Vile This ugly little creature as Health: 116,235 Mana: 17,816
Can drops some Rare Leather boots which sell for a a good amount "BOE"
They are Tarvus's Poison-Scarred Boots.
Can easy solo this little nipper with no problems
You can find him here

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