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Saturday, July 02, 2011

WoW Boredom

What should i do to get motivated to play wow?
  • Sell on the Auction House
  • Farm For Items
  • Leveling a New character (my Personal Choice)
  • Learn new rotations
  • Complete odd Achievements
  • Watch a World of Warcraft Movie trailer 
  • Get cool addons
  • Start a raid
  • Make some marcos
Here are a few thing i do to get me motivated to play wow. Watching a WoW Movie trailer gets me fired up to to play WoW 90% of the time.
There are endless ways to get you motivated to play.
You can always Download some extra addons to help beat your wow boredom.
Follow a player around shouting at him would be funny
You can buy cool new world of warcraft items online like Wow Keywords.