WoW Lich king Gems

Today i was Checking my auction house listings and noticed everytime i list a Cata gem i got under cut within a hour or two.
So i decided to take my jewelcrafter back in time a little and make some lich king gems WOW!!! so glad i did i am making a killing from it.

Because players are selling the new Cataclysm gems they all forget  about the Lich King and Outland Gems so the market for the gems is not spammed unlike the cataclysm gems.
Makes a nice return with half the farming work if your really lucky you may be able to buy out Lich King Ores prospect and then turn them to gems and still make a profit.

There is still a lot of profit to be made on the Cataclysm gems but the market is saturated with players selling them.
All we do is jump out of the saturate market and jump into the nearly empty market of Lich King and Outland Gems for faster selling.
If you really stick to this then you could dominate the auction house from lower level gems just make show your have more gems being listed on the auction house than you sell per day.