Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Warrior Rotations

Warrior Protection rotations to hold total threat

Single Target Rotation Priority:
Shield Slam
Heroic Strike when >60 rage

AOE Rotation Priority:

Shield Block stop a lot of damage.

Stat Priority:

This is where you have to balance threat with survival:

For Survival:

Stamina > Mastery > Parry > Dodge

For Threat:

Expertise > Hit > Strength > Crit

Warrior Arms Rotation

Warrior tanking rotation for arms dps follow this rotation as close as possible or even set out your navigation bars in this order.

1) Bladestorm
2) Heroic Strike only as a rage dump when rage above 50
3) Rend
4) Colossus
5) Mortal Strike
6) Execute when boss less than 20% health
7) Overpower
8) Slam

Warrior Fury Rotation

Use the rotation from 1-6 when the boss as more than 20% health
1) Heroic Strike only as a rage dump when rage above 50
2) Colossus Smash
3) Berserker Rage if not already enraged
4) Raging Blow can only used when enraged
5) Bloodthirst
6) Slam (On Bloodsurge Proc)
and then when the boss as less than 20%

Boss less than 20% health
1) Colossus
2) Execute spam!

The fury warrior was the the strongest dps in lich king content but now blizzard as give some love to the other dps class to even all this out