Epic Cataclysm Gems on the way

Greg Street

Finally they are on the way in the new patch 4.3 EPIC gems are going to start dropping in raids stated Greg the lead systems designer for Blizzard.

Even though this is good news don't get to excited rumor as it that it will take raiders most on the patch to replaces all there gems from are to epic.

But there is hope for us all that lies with the Jewelcrafters will they be able to cut some epic gems.

I'm hoping they will put Raw gems in the Pyrite ore which we can then prospect the ore and see some long awaited epic gems.

I have seen the auction house already start to fill with Pyrite ore from paninking people already hearing about the lack of epic gems that will be dropped from prospecting the ore.
you could always use the ore for other production methods like Belt Buckles or truegold.
which are some of my best money makers ingame.

What are you expectingwhen you prospect a few stacks of pyrite ore.