Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mage Dps Rotations

Frost Mage Rotation
We struggle a little on frost mage rotations and would love to hear some from you guys
1) Summon Water Elemental
2) Frostbolt

Fire Mage Rotatiom
fire mages are good at group dps (AOE) they will take down groups of mobs faster than any other mage spec.
1) Mirror Image
1) Combustion only when Pyroblast DOT, Living Bomb DOT and Ignite are active
2) Livimg Bomb
3) Pyroblast only instant cast from Hot Streak proc
4) Flame Orb
5) Fireball

Molten Armor is the self buff used

Arcane Mage Rotatiom

Arane mage are the highest single target dps maybe even in the game for single target dps.
1) Arcane Blast until your mana is less than 95% BUT ensure you have cast it 3 times
2) Arcane Missiles

Mage Armor is the self buff used
Focus Magic is cast on another high crit DPS
Also use these as often as possible!
1) Mirror Image
2) Arcane Power
3) Mana Gem