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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paladins Rotations

Protection Paladins Rotation
Single Target Rotation Priority:

Shield of the Righteous / Word of Glory
Crusader Strike
Hammer of Wrath (if active)
Avenger's Shield
Holy Wrath

AOE Tanking Priority:
Hammer of the Righteous
Holy Wrath
Avenger's Shield
Shield of the Righteous / Word of Glory

With tank gear you have to weigh both threat with survivability so there is not a straight priority list you should be working for. You should be trying to get close to block cap by stacking mastery but also you have to make sure you can hit and have enough threat to tank targets.

Reforging Priority:

Reforge the following stats(in this order haste, crit, parry, dodge, mastery, hit) into the below stats:

Expertise to soft cap (26)
Hit to cap (8% or 961 Hit rating)
Mastery to block cap (102.4%).
Expertise - the left over will be put into expertise

Gem and Enchant for:
Mastery(block value) to cap

Other useful stats:
Expertise Rating

Retribution Rotation

1) Inquisition at 3 Holy Power only to maintain buff
2) Hammer of Wrath
3) Exorcism
4) Templar's Verdict at 3 Holy Power only
5) Crusader Strike
6) Judgement
7) Holy Wrath
Seal of Truth is your active seal
Use these as often as possible:
1) Guardian of Ancient Kings
2) Avenging Wrath (when Zealotry is not active)
3) Zealotry (when Avenging Wrath is not active)

Holy Rotation
Flash of Light
Holy Light
Divine Light
Holy Shock

Seal of Insight is the active seal
Judgement is cast to maintain haste increase