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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Warlock Dps Rotations

Here is a great dps rotation for Affliction Warlock

1) Demon Soul
2) Haunt
3) Soulburn and then instant Soul Fire
4) Bane of Agony
5) Corruption
6) Unstable Affliction
7) Drain Soul only if Boss < 25% health 8) Shadow Bolt only if Boss > 25% health

Fel Armor is the self buff used
Felhunter is your summoned pet

Take a look at this dps rotation for a Destruction Warlock it's got some good dps in this rotation.

1) Soul Fire to maintain Improved Soul Fire (from Soulburn when possible)
2) Bane of Doom
3) Immolate dot is maintained
4) Conflagrate
5) Corruption dot is maintained
6) Shadowflame
7) Chaos Bolt
8) Incinerate

Fel Armor is the self buff used
Imp is your summoned pet

And last but not least the build fr Demonology Warlocks

Improved Soul Fire (If target is above 80%, make sure this buff is up)

2)Demon Soul
4)Hand of Gul'dan
5)Bane of Doom
6)Immolation Aura
9)Incinerate (If molten core is up)
10)Soul Fire (If Decimation is up)
11)Shadow Bolt

At high haste levels (1400+) you can replace glyph of Life Tap

there you have it some of the best dps rotations we know of let us know if you know any better ones.