Saturday, October 29, 2011

Online Sports Games: How They Are Much More Fun Than Watching Sports

By Maria Jacobson

I really don't get what some people see in watching sports and how they can find it enjoyable. I can see how they might enjoy playing these games but why would they get any enjoyment from watching other people playing them? Football is a prime example.

What makes a group of grown men kicking a ball up and down a pitch enjoyable? I really can't see where the fun is. This is probably because I find it more enjoyable to be taking part than actually watching.

I love to play online games but I know that some people would call me a geek. Despite the fact that I would rather chop off my ear than watch a real sports event, I like to play sports games on the internet.

I would never watch live football and don't support any teams but I could play football games online for ages. This is because of the fact that I get to play a part in it. I'm not a spectator but instead part of the action.

If my team wins, then I know that I had a hand in it. I deserve to feel good about myself afterwards. I never understood how football fans are so jubilant and proud when their team wins; it isn't like they've actually done anything to bring about the result. They are never going to be a part of the team just by wearing the same colours.

I realise that my views here will not be appreciated by most sports fans. But they can't really argue that there is more fun to be had playing a game than just watching someone else playing it.

Playing online games is something that you can even become famous at and make money from. No matter how much of a diehard football fan you are, you will never make money from this type of activity.

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