WoW Farming Choose your Locations Wisely

Wow farming can be tricky but what people don't understand that it does not take as long to get the best results. There is simply millions of locations to the farm to get the best results some locations are farmed a lot more than others which can make it difficult to get the best drop rate.

Just because your favorite location has the best drop rate doesn't mean that you're going to be able to loot more of the items that you farming for if the competition is high for a certain item and try using a different location. This often works because people constantly want to get the best drop rates and often got his bit of their own common sense to visit another good location to farm World of Warcraft.

If your favorite wow farming location is full of people trying to get the item them pack up and move to the second best location for this item is normally works 9 times out of 10 in the results that you end up with more of the item was actually farming than what you would've done if you stayed in the previous location.

My favorite wow farming location is a little island in the back of icecrown called onslaught Island more details here I also got a epic trinket from their which turned me into a monkey for five minutes, which was pretty cool. The mobs in this location are level 80 elites which if your level 85 they become a breeze.

They also got a lot of frostweave cloth, which is doing really well and sells very good on the auction house. But I still use the cloth to make bags for my low-level alt.. They also drop around, one gold, each on the respawn time is fairly decent.

Some days I just grind this location for about 40 minutes and come back with around 300 gold 40 stacks of frostweave around 400 gold in trash and around 200 gold in common items on the very odd chance. I come up with a rare or epic item. Which is lich king content so I normally just send these items to one of my low-level characters that im leveling.

I think that that there are still many good farming location to be discovered, and I bet that all of you don't want to share wow farming locations with anybody to keep them top-secret. But if I'm not on chance that you're willing to share your location with us then please drop a comment below. The chances are that most of the people reading this are not even on the same realm.