Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tips On How To Play Blackjack

By Joanna Schnaider

There are several tips on how to play blackjack. These tips can be used in both real and online casinos. Since this is one of the most played card games available in casinos, the tips are useful to amateurs and expert players both.

In this game, the player wants their cards to come closer to twenty-one than the hand value of the dealer. If the hand value goes over twenty-one, then the hand is a bust. The player only has to win against the dealer, it doesn't matter if there other players at the table or not.

The rules of play are very strict regarding the dealer's hand and how it is played. There are no choices that the dealer has to make, because they have to hit on sixteen or below. Dealers have to stand on seventeen through twenty. If both the dealer and the player get blackjack with there first two cards, it is called a tie or a push.

Players should find a table with a minimum bid that is less than five percent of the player's gambling money. If a dealer is showing an ace, a face card, or an eight or nine then the player should hit on any hand value under seventeen. When the dealer's hand shows a six, five, or four, then the player should stand on any hand over eleven in value. Those cards end in dealers busting nearly half the time.

The idea of card counting is not a new concept. This does not mean that a player has to remember every card played, but rather it assigns a value to each card. Each card has a positive, negative, or zero value assigned to it. Players would adjust the total count by each card that is dealt. This offers a good idea as to whether the next card dealt is likely to be a high or low value. Casinos strongly discourage card counting.

Online casinos offer a player more chances to win than typical casinos. With thousands of online casinos to pick from, they offer players free money to begin play on their site. Most online sites will offer players double the chips to entice them in. Players using basic strategy can receive significant winnings when playing with free money online.

Playing online can increase winnings for those who know how to play blackjack. With free bonuses, playing online is more profitable to gamblers. Good strategy and a basic knowledge of the game can result in big winnings. Practicing at lower stakes tables to begin is advisable. Once a player feels more comfortable, move on to the high stakes table and make some serious money.

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