Tuesday, November 01, 2011

World of Warcraft leveling add-on

There are many World of Warcraft add-ons out there that enable you to speed up your leveling time. After a few weeks of searching around for a World of Warcraft add-on and handing out a lot of my hard earned cash to people, that was claiming to have the best add-ons. Overall I think I lost around $300 buying and testing add-ons that would speed up my leveling time.

After a lot of misery , and nearly quitting World of Warcraft I came across one guide that offered me a free demo and trial to the add-on because they are so confident that this add-on will work for you, and they allow new users a seven day free trial. 90% of the people to take this free trial. Then go on to make a full purchase after seven days.

Which is exactly what I did, Zygor guides was a great investment for me. And as many cool features which allow you to get some of them achievements, which are amazingly hard to obtain.

This World of Warcraft guide is probably one of the cheapest guides I have ever bought. And yet one of the most powerful. It allows me to level character from level 1 to 85, five days maximum.

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days, if for any reason. You are not happy with the guide then you can simply ask for your money back. Which I don't think you'll be doing, because once you try the demo. You will want to purchase the full product.

If you are wanting to try the demo from Zygor Guides . Then I suggest that you head over to the zygor website and download your free demo instantly.