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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

wow farming top selling items

If you're like me, then you probably want to make lots of gold when you're playing World of Warcraft to buy all the shiny things. But the worst thing about this is the countless amount of trips you do from the auction house to the mailbox to get items that didn't sell to relist them. And then redo the process tomorrow "It's Boring".

Okay, so excuse me if I'm wrong, But a lot of people play World of Warcraft just to make gold, which isn't me I like to play the game and earn lots of gold at the same time, with minimum effort in the auction house as possible. So how do I do this well "I'm not telling" okay. I'll tell let's us just say that I buy items, which sell for a lot of gold and then relist them for a bigger profit than your average 2 gold.

First things first you need to find a item that is always in demand on the auction house items that people need to advance in World of Warcraft. Once you hit level 85 you begin tweaking your character to get the best possible performance out of his/her abilities and to be able to achieve this you need items that cost a pretty penny. On average, I make between 1000g - 4000g a day, and actually play the game.

Here is a list of some of the items I sell on a day-to-day basis

Epic enchant scrolls
Epic gear
Pristine black diamonds " This varys at one point i was the only person selling" got 500g each.
Super rare pets/mounts
Stacks of volatiles

These are just some of the items you can use to make gold in World of Warcraft don't be shy to find your item to sell experiment with them, dominate the auction house with them and your onto a sure winner. If you have some suggestions of some really high selling items that let us know.

Just picture if you can dominate a fraction of the auction house was just one of these items are going to make a huge profit. Okay, so the market is saturated with people constantly undercutting you. But the reason why this is saturated is because these items sell out fast.

Note: Using your smarts to make gold is a lot more effective than using your precious time.

There are always lots of ways to make all the World of Warcraft using the auction house to your advantage is just one of them. It's totally up to you which way you go about making gold. But most importantly, I think if you enjoy the game. While you're doing it enough large amounts of gold you have simply comes as a bonus.

To be totally truthful, if you ask me what's the point in having all that gold?. If you are not going to spoil yourself why not treat yourself to something nice after all that hard work. What's your World of Warcraft wish list? What's stopping you from buying the item you deserve?.

I would also like to announce that he and my beautiful girlfriend are having a little girl together. The due date is 28th of January 2012 everything is going great and I'm so excited about becoming a father.