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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

wow leveling addon try before you buy

World of Warcraft leveling addons are indisposable for any World of Warcraft gamer that is looking to make leveling a character a simple and fast process. I myself personally enjoy leveling characters to 85 and I got really excited about a new World of Warcraft add-on, which claimed they could get me to level 85 in under 5 days.

But me being me, and I'm skeptical about this kind of claim so I decided to read around the Internet looking for reviews about World of Warcraft leveling add-ons all of the reviews came out positive. But I was still  unsure I'd want to spend my hard-earned money on a leveling addon that showed me everything I already knew.

So after about two weeks of me searching around the Internet reading about World of Warcraft add-ons that could get me to the top level in just a matter of days. I came across this one addon that they where 100% certain that they could get me to level 85 in 5 days or less they offered me a free demo account.

Me being a super keen World of Warcraft leveler I jumped at the opportunity to downloaded the demo to see for myself if it was all just a bunch of hype or it actually did exactly what it said it could.

And here's my verdict this not only did exactly what it said it could be also exceeded my expectations in the seven days I had to try out the software. I leveled 2 characters to the maximum level, they claimed that anybody can level a character to the maximum level within six days I'm actually faster than this with no add-on but because I was able to combine my World of Warcraft leveling knowledge alongside this add-on. I was able to level characters in record-breaking time.

I can now level character to the maximum level in a little over three days. This is brilliant for me because I have a very keen raiding Guild and now when the guild needs a new character to bring raiding they all come and ask me to level a new character to make our raiding force stronger.

I am very pleased with this add-on , and after my seven days free trial was up. I did go on to make a full purchase . And I've never looked back since the creators of the software that are constantly updating and tweaking their techniques to make it faster leveling up characters  are use experts

If you want to try out the demo yourself. You can find it here Demo wow addon