Echo of Baine - End of Time

Echo of Baine is one of the 5 bosses in the heroic dungeon End of time which was added in the latest patch 4.3. Baine is one of the hardest bosses in the End of Time dungeon for healers because of the amount of damage he can put out with the debuff molten blast.

Echo of Baine's Special Abilitys

Molten blast -Inflicts 9750 to 10250  damage as fire damage and also additional 9750 to 10250 fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. This is a magic debuff and the healer should be fast to dispell this or he will need to do some heavy healing to keep the tank alive.

Pulverize - Baine will slam into 1 of the 4 platforms within the lava inflicting 30k damage to anyone within 15 yards. the players should then move to another platform nearby.
Throw Totem - Echo of Baine will throw his totem at a random player inflicting 60k damage and knocking the player back the totem will then land of the group and remain there for 20 seconds, the totem can be thrown back at Echo of Baine which hit baine for 5% of his life also stunning him and increasing his damage taken by 50% for 20 seconds

Echo of Baine's Loot

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