Echo of Jaina - End of Time

Echo of Jaina is one of the 4 fours in the heroic dungeon End of Time which was added in the lastest patch 4.3. Jaina is a mage as uses mage spells

Echo of Jaina's Special Abilitys

Blink -  Jaina Blinks to a nearby locations

Flamecore - Jaina hurls a growing flamecore ember at the ground near a player if the flamecore is touch it will explode for5k- 50k damage to the nearest enermy if the flamecore is left untouched the flamecore will explode in 10 seconds inflicting 90k-100k to all enermys.

Frost Blades - After jaina blinks she will send 3 frosts blade forward if they come into contact with a enermy player then the player will be frozen for 5 seconds.

Frost Volley -  inflict damage to nearby enermys and slows there movement speed for 4 seconds

Pyroblast - Inflicts 49k  - 50k damage to a player and then additional damage every 3 seconds for a total of 12 seconds.

Echo of Jaina's Loot

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