Echo of Sylvanas - End of Time

Echo of Sylvanas is one of the 5 bosses in the heroic dungeon End of Time which was added in the latest patch 4.3 she has 6 main ability's which where going to take a look at, she also as some nice mechanic's in her encounter.

Echo of Sylvanas Special ability's

Black Arrow - Sylvanas fires a black arrow to a random person dealing 55k - 64k damage a the player and any other player within 10 yards.

Blighted Arrows - Sylvanas shoots a arrow inflicting phyical damage.

Calling of the Highborn - when Sylvanas cast calling of the highborn she will become immune to all damage

Sacrifice - Sylvanas deals shadow damage to nearby enemys.

Shriek of the Highborn - She shriek with anguish dealing 67k - 82k damage to a enemy and decreasing there movement speed by 50% for 30 seconds

Unholy Shot - She fires a volley of arrows at a enemy for 27k - 32k damage and also hitting two nearby enemys.

Sylvanas also as a ability to raise ghouls Called Risen Ghoul - ghouls will spawn around sylvanas with a link between them you'll need to dps one ghoul down before it reaces sylvanas so that you can escape through the broken link.
Echo of sylvanas Loot

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