World of Warcraft 4.3.2 Patch Notes

The new Cataclysm Patch 4.3.2 Is going to be a fun time for WoW Gamers Blizzard are adding some very cool features to the game like Cross Realm Raiding. Which i know many people on my realm are excited about including be because i will be able to raid with old friends.

OK let's take a look at what is going to be changed for the classes in 4.3.2

Druid: The druids Tier 13 4 piece bonus for balance spec will now also increase the damage of Starsurge by 10%  in addition to its current effects.

Hunter:The Hunters Aspect of Hawk increases now grant about 35% more attack power.
Black arrow now ticks every 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds but the time the dot takes to expire from the enemy as been increased for 15 seconds to 20 seconds. Lock and Load hunter ability no longer benefits Arcane shot and arcane shot no longer consumes it.

Mage:Mage ability's Fireball and Pyroblast damage output as been reduced by 6%
Paladin: AOE healing spell now cost 40% base mana instead of 35%

Priest: Mass Dispel ability while now only be able to dispel magic ability's and not the Paladins Bubble or Mage Ice block.
Raid finder tool: A single person will no longer be able to win more than one copy of the same item.  For Example if one person rolls need on 2 items that are the same and this person wins the first roll he/she will not be able to win the seconds item.