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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wow Mage Arcane

Playing as a Arcane mage is all about doing quick amount of high damage and using your mana wisely. Arcane and Fire mages tend to be a class cannon which means they pump out a lot of damage but they also can get into tricky situations very easily. but they have ability's that allow them to escape from danger.

You can become a arcane mage at level 10 when you choose which class you want to player. once you get the level 40 you can learn duel talents which allows you to learn another spec fire or frost you can change between them when you are out of combat.

Arcane Mage Ability's Learnt at level 10
Ability Description
Arcane  Barrage Launches bolts of Arcane Energy at the enemy target, instantly causing Arcane Damage
Arcane Specialization Increases the damage of your Arcane spells by 25%
Mastery: Mana Adept Increases all spell damage done by up to 12%, bose on the the amount og mana has unspent. each point of mastery increases damage done by an addintional 1.5%

When Looting gear the main stats you will be looking for a as a mage is Intellect. Intellect increase the amount of mana you have and also the amount of damage you do. also when leveling stamina is a nice stat to have because this will increase the amount of health you have. Mages tend to be a little fragile so a little extra stamina will make you a little harder to kill but once you hit the top level you shouldn't even be looking for stamina for a mage. But as a mage intellect comes before any stat.

Spirit is also useful for a mage because spirit will increase the amount of mana you regenerate per second. But spirit is more desirable by healers.

Haste is a nice stat for a mage because it will reduce the amount of time it takes you to cast spells.


mittens said...

I would take this nonsense a lot more seriously if the person who posted it could learn how to spell. And no, spirit is not used by Cata mages. It takes up space better used by hit, crit, intel, haste, and mastery.