Saturday, January 14, 2012

WoW Mage Guides

Learn more about Mages:

Mages are famous for dealing big amount of damage to a enemy from a distance, also multiple enemy at once with there high damage dealing AOE spells. they are born to do damage and they mean business.

 Mage can be a very fragile class to play Because they may lack some survivability unless playing as a Frost Mage which have a few extra abilitys to help survive encounters.

Mage Have a low weapon selection They can use a 1 Handed Sword, Dagger or a staff.

At level 10 you will be able to choose one of the three specs a Mage as to offer.

Arcane Mage
Arcane mages a good for nuking down the enemy with there more sudden damage output arcane mage are a little of Frost and Fire mixed together because they have ability's to slow the enemy and also a few extra to  damage them. Learn more about Arcane Mages

Fire Mages
Fire mage are serious and when they start attacking they mean business if it's single target or fighting multiple targets they do large amount of damage. they may be brilliant in groups for doing the damage but levelling and going solo they may get in trouble little easy. learn more about Fire Mages

Frost Mages
Frost mages are probably the most preferred spec for PVP ( Player vs Player) unlike Arcane and Fire they have many more spells and ability's to stay alive and keep the enemy at bay. learn more about Frost Mages

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