Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wow Mage Unique Abilitys

Here are a some of the ability's that make the mage class unique. As a mage you are 100% damage dealing class your job is to kill the enemy. Here are some of the ability you will get to use as a mage in any spec.

Direct damage spells of a mage are super famous for dealing huge amount of repeatable damage to a single target " more commonly known to as Nukes" Nuking is what a mage does doesn't matter which specialization tree you take they all have there on means to nuke down enemy's fast.

Fire Specialization is casting Fireball as your main damage output Along with Pyroblast which is a bigger version of Fireball and Deals more damage but the cast time is greater.

Frost Specialization is casting Frostbolt, Which will not do as much damage as Fireball but will apply a snare to the enemy, Ice Lance is also one of the the Frost Mages Main attacks to deal damage it's instant cast and will deal a lot more damage to the enemy if they are frozen

Arcane Specialization is for casting Arcane Blast which will increase damage done to the target everytime you cast but will increase the mana it costs  to cast.  Arcane Missiles are another one of the arcane mage famous spells they can only be cast one they are activated by another spell but once they are ready they cost no mana.

(AOE) Area of Effect Damage

Even though Mages are famous for dealing large single target damage they also have some good aoe spells which are best used when fighting 4 or more enemys are once. But it's wise to be careful when cast aoe spells because they cost large amount of mana. If your going to be using your aoe spells it's best to wait for the tank to get some aggro on the mobs before you start to use your spell.

If in a group with another damage class that can use aoe spells they your should make quick work of any group of mobs.

Mage Teleporting

This ability is unique to a mage it allows them to Teleport to other major citys the higher the level of the mage the more citys they will be able to teleport to this make quick work of traveling. Mages can also teleport there group members to citys. to be able to use the teleporting spells you will need a reagent which you can buy from any major city.
Each portal to a new city requires you to learn the new spell from the Portal Trainer (Not the Mage Trainer) which is normally located near the mage trainer.

Crowd Control (CC)
A mage CC is called polymorph it allows the mage to put a enermy out of combat for 60 seconds by turning them into a sheep any damage to the sheep will transform them back and they will begin to fight attack again.
It's best to use this spell before the tanks starts fighting.

A lot of groups will use a raid symbol on the enemy they want you to CC to make it easy and faster.