Tuesday, April 24, 2012

19-28 pvp vendor alliance

ashenvale pvp vendor
Starting player verse player in world of warcraft then you will want to spend your honor points on low level pvp gear. Well a lot of player find it hard to locate where to buy them from so i writing this to help your guys out and there will also be some pictures for you guys that CBA!! reading.

Ok you will need to travel to Ashenvale then head south.

You want to speak to a NPC named llliyana Moonblaze 
llliyana moonblaze
You will find her at the location highlighted red on the map above is where to make your way to.

You will come to a small camp  called Silverwing Grove then you know your at the right place to buy world of warcraft low level pvp gear.

Enjoy your new gear and hope you own with it unless you come up against me in the battle ground then i will make you cry

Here is the chick you want to see she is located just outside the big build at the back of the camp.