Best Place to Farm Embersilk Cloth

Looking to farm some Embersilk cloth then try this location it's one of the best drop rates for embersilk cloth.
I do recommend that you have the tailoring profession so you get a increased drop rate and also pick up a potion of treasure finding.

The farming spot is in Tol Barad killing reckless infantry this is my favorite place to farm cloth best the drop rate is so good and the amount that they drop is so high.

Head over to Tol Barad and kill in the circle area you should'nt have any problem farming here because the mobs we will be killing are already fighting and they have about 25% health.

all you mobs in Tol Barad have a high drop chance of Embersilk cloth but it's a lot easier here because the mobs are already nearly dead.

But you need to be level 85 before you can even use the portal to get here so if your not level 85 then try this Embersilk farming spot in Twilight Highlands