Saturday, April 21, 2012

WoW Mist of Pandaria Death Knight Talent Tree

world of warcraft mist of pandaria is just around the corner beta version as already been released.
So if your wanting a step in front of the rest then you should really check out the talent systems for MOP.

Plan your build for the release date get to know the new changes that will occur for the death knight

Also Death knight will be getting a new ability at level 87 called Soul Reaper " strikes a enemy for 100% weapon damage and afflicts the target with Soul Reaper, after 5 seconds if the target is below 35% health, this affect will deal 46,000 to 54,000 additional shadow damage, if the target dies before this effect triggers gains 50% haste for 10 seconds."
Death Knight

Remember to can check out the new talent system here and plan your death knight build now
Plan your build

This sounds like a awesome spell for tanks and dps but i have heard a lot of people saying this may be the end of wow, what do your think are blizzard running out of ideas to keep the world most popular game populated.

leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Mist of Pandaria.