Tuesday, May 01, 2012

World of Warcraft Top 5 Addons for PvP

So going to be taking a look at some of the addons i use in World of Warcraft for pvp.
As you probably already know i play a discipline Priest called Tomonia on realm Chamber of Aspects EU Check out my WoW Armoury.

I just started playing pvp again so i lacking on gear, but my skill is still there from when i used to play back in the day.

Ok let's jump right into it and show you some of the best addons for pvp

5- GladiatosSA 

This addon i could not live without in pvp it's a simple but very helpful addons that alerts you by voice when a enemy uses a pvp trinket or cooldown.


This addons is super cool it displays a icon over your enemy head for there cooldowns used for example if a warrior pops recklessness a icon will appear over the warriors head displaying a small picture of the cooldown and they amount of time it as until it's back off cooldown.
This addons displays data onscreen in real time it can display many different things like healing done or the amount of dispels done or the most popular damage per second (DPS)

2-Healers Have  to Die
This addons let's you easily find the healers in a group of enemy's so you can easily take them down. allows you to places a red cross over there head for easier spotting

1-Interupt tracker
This addons is brilliant for me as a healer because i allows me to check the enemys interupt abilitys to see if i am able to go into a clear casting state. it's also a awesome tool to help you master fake casting.

If your interested in using any of the addons above then i have created links directly to curse.com.

So there you have it my pick of the top 5 wow pvp addons