Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Place to Farm Ghost Iron WoW

Here are the two best location in world of warcraft for farming ghost iron ore at the moment. With this small but rice ore location your will be farming 1 stack of ghost iron ore per minute. Yes that is crazy so much ore to farm in a tiny location.

The first place we will be looking at is in The Jade forest which is a small island in the north, This location is great for miners  that are not yet level 90 and can't fly. There is a lot Trillium that spawns here in 40 minutes from this location i looted 700 ghost iron ore and 20 black Trillium  and 16 white Trillium if however you can't fly then then next location is for you.
The Jade Forest -Ghost Iron Farming

This location in Townlong Steppes is the best for ghost iron ore at the moment  amazing fast respawn times fewer mobs to slow you down and decent amount of Trillium ore to be mined 
Townlong Steppes - Ghost Iron Ore