Saturday, September 21, 2013

World of Warcraft Discipline Priest Stat Priority

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Playing world of warcraft as a disc priest can be very challenging but if you master your skills as a healer you will see yourself almost always at the top of the recount for HPS Disc priest are one of the most overpowered healers in the game at this time.

Discipline priests can prevent damage from happening with spell such as Spirit ShellDivine Aegis and Power Word: Shield and instantly reduce any ones damage they take by 40% they can grip people out of CC preventing deaths and swap health with tanks that are about to die and much much more.

As a budding priest healer your stat priority should be as follows.

Intellect > Spirit > Crit > Mastery > Haste

Well What do the Stats do for me as a discipline priest.

  • Intellect: This increases the healing power of your spells and also will increases your critical strike rating a little

  • Spirit: As a healer this is a very important stat because the more you have the faster you gain mana and everyone knows you can't heal without mana. You need just the right amount of this so at the end of a raid boss fight you are nearly out of mana any more than this is wasted.

  • Critical strike: This is your main stat to gem and reforge into as a disc priest it increases the chance of your spell to do extra healing. When a discipline priest critically heals with a spell it makes Divine Aegis come into play also remember that your shield and spirit shell can critically hit.

  • Haste: This stat makes cast times quicker, and increases the tick rate of heal over time spells it will increase your AOE healing from Prayer of Healing